The most funny, affordable and environmentally friendly way of transport.


¿Which is your favourite color?


Avoid traffic jams, save time, reduce costs, have fun, become physically active and help the environment. All this thanks to the GC1 bicycle.


The design is based on our special panel which is made with recycled kraft paper.

It also consists of recycled plastic, rubber and metal parts. The paint is made of polystyrene that before was trash, now serves to give color and waterproof to the bicycle.

Its external design makes it different from a conventional bike and you can choose the color that you like.






Why GC1?







No more flat tires







Several colors







Different design






Paper? Yes, but it is waterproof









I want it NOW



35 %
55 %

kraft PAper



(Recycled )

10 %

We are Greencode. We are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly products and we want to be as innovative as possible. Our bicycle is the first of them and we have more Eco-friendly plans very soon.


The planet is being damaged by extreme levels of pollution so we are going to develop products to decrease this problem.







$150 USD

$125 EUR

$2899 MXN



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We are looking for distributors around the world who want to be part of Greencode. If you like the GC1 bike and want to start a business relationship with us, contact us! We will be around the world.

You can start buying the GC1 Official Distributor Promo. Is the beginning of our Business relationship:




What happens if it gets wet?

Nothing bad, do not worry. The paint used on the bicycle is based on recycled polystyrene, which used to be garbage. It goes through a process and that makes it into painting. Applying the paint creates a plastic layer that causes water or moisture not to enter the paper.


How long does it take to ship?

We are in the pre-sale stage. If you buy it at this time you will have an exclusive discount. We will start shipping in NOVEMBER 2017. You will be one of the first in the world to have the GC1


What resistance does the GC1 have?

It can withstand up to 660 lbs (300 kg). However, we strongly recommend not to exceed 254 lbs (115 kg). This is because when using the bike, it generates vibrations and that intensifies the weight on the bicycle.


Do you have spare parts?

Yes, they will be available in our online store and at authorized distributors.


What is the useful life?

If you follow all our advice (they will be included in the package). The tires have an average life of 7450 miles (12,000 km). Mechanical components (bearings and moving parts) can last for up to 2 years, as long as you periodically clean and grease them (we will tell you how in the user’s manual).


What type of brake does the GC1 use?

Uses rear caliper brake. Due to the design, materials and characteristics of the bicycle, they are the best brakes for GC1.


What is the GC Panel?

It is a recycled kraft paper panel developed by Greencode. For the materials that compose it, it has an unusual resistance. It is the main component of GC1. We are in the process of patenting it.











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