What is the GC Panel?

It is a recycled kraft paper panel developed by Greencode. The panel is specially built to withstand a large amount of weight.



What happens if my GC1 gets wet?

Nothing! Don’t worry. The paint used on the bicycle is made out of recycled polystyrene. The paint comes from recycled garbage, it goes through a transformation process to be applied in the GC1.

Once it is on, it creates a plastic layer that blocks water and moisture from entering the bike and damaging the panels.



What is the life span?

By following our tips and advices that are included with your GC1, the tires have an average life span of 7450 miles (12,000 km). Mechanical components (bearings and moving parts) can last for up to 2 years, as long as you periodically clean and grease them.



Will the GC1 hold my weight?

It can withstand up to 660 lbs (300 kg). However, we recommend not to exceed 254 lbs (115 kg).



Do you have spare parts?

Yes! They will be available in our online store and at authorized distributors.


What type of brake does the GC1 use?

Our bike uses rear caliper brake. Due to its design, materials and characteristics, they are the best brakes for GC1.